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Caterpillar has a widespread of dealers, who are located across the globe for the distribution of our power generator sets. Our network of dealer has long been recognized as the best in the world at distributing parts and equipment. Our dealers provide the entire prime power generation products and services that are capable of meeting your entire power needs.

About Tractors Nepal Ltd.

Tractors Nepal Ltd (TIL) is our authorized dealer for Nepal. Tractors Nepal Ltd has long term technical and strategic alliance with leading equipment manufacturers in the world-Caterpillar. TIL has two subsidiaries – Myanmar Tractors Ltd. and Tractors Nepal Ltd. For over years TIL has been a growth partner to Nepal's infrastructure sectors and is amongst the country's one of the leading providers of a wide range of technology intensive equipment for infrastructure development that represent some of the finest in global technology

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Caterpillar Diesel Generators

Benefit the industry best Diesel Generators form the world's one of the largest manufactures of power generators. At Caterpillar, you can choose the high-quality Diesel Generators that are ideal for industrial, commercial as well as residential applications...

Diesel Generators

Caterpillar Gas Generators

Caterpillar's gas generators give you a better chance to experience the continuous power generation with most advanced technologies. With more than 80 years of experience in gas engines and generators, we deliver the industry best power generators for diverse applications.

Gas generators

Caterpillar Home Generators

Caterpillar top quality home generators are designed to deliver environmental friendly power solutions without compromising on fuel efficiency and performance. Comes with various striking specifications, our home generators are capable of protecting your entire electronic equipment range...

Home generators

Caterpillar Gas Turbines

Cat gas turbines are suitable for a number of applications in small as well as large scale units. These complete electric power solution is also ideal for various industrial power generation applications. Comes with a proven industry standard, these gas turbines ensure an enhanced performances to customers...

Gas turbines