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Cat 60 Hz Standby Diesel Generators

Caterpillar ensures a regular source of standby power Diesel Generators with industry best features. We manufacture and deliver 50 Hz as well as 60 Hz standby power Diesel Generators. Under these 50 Hz and 60 Hz Categories, you can opt for various attractive models like low BSFC, low emission and EU Stage II. All these diesel generator models are designed to meet your entire prime power generation requirements.

Cat standby power Diesel Generators assure a great performance with low fuel consumption. These ready-to-run power generation sets come with a full range of attachments like bolt-on system expansion to make sure an enhanced operation to customers. Integrated Caterpillar S•O•SSM program feature, the end-user can detect any unwanted fluids and combustion by-products as well as the internal engine component condition in a cost- effective way. Integrated control system and communications gateway are some other attractive features of these diesel power generators.

Featuring four-stroke-cycle engine, specially designed for thousands of trouble-free hours of operation, standby power Diesel Generators deliver an unmatched performance to customers.

Cat 60 Hz Standby Diesel Generators Model

 Low Emission


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