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Caterpillar 50 Hz Olympian Diesel Generators - Single Phase Model

Olympian Diesel Generators - Single Phase Model

Suitable for various power generation needs, Olympian Diesel Generators ensure clean and economical power deliver. Ratings from 12 kVA to 750 kVA, these diesel models ensure high performance and reliability to the end-user.

Comes with an ISO 9001 Caterpillar facility, these Diesel Generators deliver an optimal performance to customers. Its heavy duty industrial capacity exhaust silencer delivers a noise-free performance.

Feature industrial water cooled diesel engine with a capacity of 1500rpm, these power generator sets deliver an outstanding performance. Heavy duty industrial capacity exhaust silencer and 50 degree Celsius ambient temperature cooling system are some other standard features of these diesel engine generators.

Integrated various optional features like isochronous electronic governor, extended capacity fuel tank and generator anti-condensation heater, these Diesel Generators fulfill your entire power generation needs.

We manufacture and deliver both 50 Hz and 60 Hz Olympian Diesel Generators, in which you can opt single phase as well as three phase models according to your power requirement. With its simple installation and easy to operate facilities, you can experience the real power in most demanding conditions.

Caterpillar 50 Hz Olympian Diesel Generators Model

 Single Phase Model
 Regular Model
 EU Stage II


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